Why choose Aiken & Spence to find you a home to rent?

We aim to match you requirements in finding you a home through of diverse range of properties to let.

Property Information:

Each property is advertised online and photographs are readily available. We provide a detail description of each property and if the information given is not sufficient, please contact Aitken & Spence for further information.

Finding a property:

Using our search engine you can refine your search to find a property best suited for you. Refine your search to location, price, number of bedrooms, sales or lettings. If in doubt please do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to make your search easier.


Short and Long Term Lettings:

We are aware that not everyone needs a long term rental property, hence why we have a diverse range from short or long stay meeting the requirements best suited for you.

Independent Advice:

Our staff are well trained and motivated with expert local knowledge regarding properties. We at Aitken & Spence will guide you throughout the process of buying your property and ensure our full support in finding what's best and suitable for you and your family.  



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